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Learn how to use the Kayla Doll +

Activity Book

to support girls through the hardships of divorce and teach them how to embrace their new blended family.

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Use the Kayla Doll + Activity book when you

notice your child is having a rough

day or time with her family transition.

If you notice she is feeling alone or having a hard time bonding with new members of her stepfamily, bring in Kayla to manage the hard days! Kayla’s story will help your child learn how to deal with her feelings, have someone to relate to, and feel understood. Say, “Sometimes Kayla feels alone too, let’s see how her family supported her to feel twice the love!”

Give the doll to your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or special child in your life and encourage her to learn about how Kayla handled her changing family dynamics!

Meet Kayla (55).png
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The activity book that accompanies the Kayla doll is the

perfect way to stimulate conversations about the

struggles your child is facing.

The book isn’t meant for the child to complete on her own, but shared together as parent and child. Parents are encouraged to read the books with their children as Kayla’s story can provoke healthy discussion about blended families and encourage your child to express how she really feels!

Make sure to set aside special time to read through the book and complete the activities during calm times when you aren't rushing!

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