Doll Care


Karis Dolls are designed to be cherished by your special loved ones. To help maintain your super cute doll, we offer a few doll care tips from your friends at Karis Doll Collection.


Spot Cleaning

Do not wash the dolls or submerge them in water. If the surface of the doll gets marked or dirty, use a damp cloth and immediately use a fabric stain remover, such as a Tide® pen for spot cleaning.


Clothing Care

It is not recommended to wash the clothing; follow the same instructions for spot cleaning. If you must wash, hand wash clothing in a clean sink or large basin in lukewarm water with a mild detergent such as Woolite®.


Hair Care

The doll wigs are made of synthetic fibers, not real human hair. Individual strands of synthetic hair are sewn onto wefts. There is no amount of sewing that can prevent individual stands from falling out or shedding. To minimize shedding and maintain the quality of the hair, avoid rough or vigorous brushing. Brush from the bottom of the ends to the top. Also be gentle and take time to brush through knots.

To preserve hairstyles, use a doll wig brush and not a brush for human hair. The brushes we use on our hair contain natural oils and residual hair products that are not good for synthetic doll hair. A doll’s hairbrush should have wire bristles, and no rubber ends that can cause static.

The following steps can be taken to fix or restyle curly hair:

Wrap a towel around the doll’s body and lightly dampen hair. Gather and brush small portions of the hair and wrap them, one by one, around a small finger. Secure each curl with a clip. Let the curls dry overnight and remove the clips the next day. Gently separate the curls with your fingers to your style.

Please do not use shampoo or hot iron tools.