Diversity in Dolls, and Why it is so Important

Is a doll just a doll?


In our eyes, it isn’t! A doll isn’t just a toy that a child plays with. Instead, a doll can be the gateway to expanding your children’s minds and help them navigate their own unique story through interactive play. It is instrumental for children to have toys that mimic their own outward appearance as well as inward feelings, concerns, and triumphs.

Dolls have the ability to not only be a source of amusement for a child, but also a source of comfort. They can be used for educational purposes to develop a particular behavioral skill or therapeutic purposes to shed light on their own personal struggles through role play.

IMG_7110 (1).JPG

Given the lack of multicultural dolls, here at Karis, we made it our mission to provide dolls that represent everyone! Diversity in dolls can cover many different aspects including skin color which translates to different racial groups, but also diversity in their familial backstory. The definition of family has changed with the increasing divorce rates. The new normal includes divorcing families, blended families, and single parent homes. Little girls will not only identify with dolls that look like them, but also dolls that share similar circumstances in life. At Karis Dolls, all of our dolls come with an activity book that tells the unique story of each character. With this book, you are able to sit down with your child and walk them through a story similar to theirs with coloring activities, games, and questions that spark conversation about their feelings, hopes, and dreams. Kayla is our first available doll. She is African American and she shares what it is like transitioning to a stepfamily.

If you are not African American or do not have a stepfamily, Kayla can still be influential to educate and expand you children’s worldview beyond the common situations they might solely see in the media. Sharing new avenues of thought can open up so many possibilities to build confidence, embrace differences and can positively affect them for years to come. Sharing diverse dolls with your children will open up their consciousness to understand there are many different ways to form a family, love others, and embrace their own family!

India Gill